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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Quirky Books for Interesting People

Hi, I'm Larkyn, and I am the owner of Simony Says LLC. We are a publishing and media

We are advocates of mental health education, including reducing stigma and openly discussing the topic. We are interested in publishing fiction that includes people who have mental health issues and do their best to live relatively normal lives, while still facing unique challenges. We are also proponents of equality for all people, and seek to include diverse characters and topics. We strive to publish quality material that takes people away from their problems and has widespread appeal. We also love characters with whom people from all walks of life can identify. Often, people of minority groups do not find themselves represented in popular fiction. If minority groups are portrayed, it is not often in humorous novels or in everyday life stories. More frequently, these books are weighty, true stories of struggle, and strife. We seek to change this. Fiction which includes characters of a variety of races, sexual preferences, gender identities, mental and physical health challenges, life situations, and so many other human qualities and issues are needed as our society becomes more diverse by the day. We currently publish books and have plans to expand to include multimedia mental health content and to feature the short-form works of unknown writers on our website. We hope you will accompany us on our journey!

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